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Download songs, Browse youtube, Make playlists and much more with this easy-to-use music player!
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Search trough youtube

Search trough the worlds biggest music Library, Find every song you would like to listen to on Moosic trough the youtube search API
Easily download songs

Download songs with just one click, And play songs wherever you are. No connection needed!
Put songs in different collections

Easily make collections of songs, Play a whole collection, or download a whole collection at once, whatever you want.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Moosic?
Moosic is a music player for pc. Users can search trough Youtube's massive collection of songs, And save or download whatever song they'd like to keep
Is Moosic free?
Yes, Moosic is 100% free. There are none features behind any paywall. And there never will be
Is Moosic open source?
Yes, Moosic is 100% open-source! This means that the code used to make Moosic is public. Everyone can contribute at our github!
Who created Moosic?
I did. Find more about me here: