Command Description Usage
=create [tournamentName] Create a tournament =create exampleTourney
=join [tournamentName] Join a tournament =join exampleTourney
=leave [tournamentName] Leave a tournament =leave exampleTourney
=brackets [tournamentName] Provides a link to the brackets of the tournament =brackets exampleTourney
=results [tournamentName] [your score] [opponent score] Post the results of your match. Both contesters must confirm the results by the reaction checkmark =results exampleTourney 2 1
=findopponent [tournamentName] [user] Find the opponent of yourself or another player in the tournament =findopponent ToorneyTesting2 @Marto_0#1978
=findopponent ToorneyTesting2
=createteam [name] Create a team to enter tournaments =createteam exampleTeam124
=teaminvite [name] [user] Invite someone to your team =teaminvite exampleTeam124 @Marto_0#1978
=team [name] Provides information about a specific team =team exampleTeam124
=teams Displays all the teams you're currently in =teams
=leaveteam [name] Leaves a team =leaveteam exampleTeam124
=deleteteam [name] Deletes a team =deleteteam exampleTeam124
=setprefix [prefix] Sets the global prefix of the server =setprefix !
=setprefix *
=setresultschannel [channelID] Sets the channel where results of tournaments and coinflips will be posted =setresultschannel 583241872038690818
=results [tournamentName] [your score] [opponent score] Posts the score of your match. Both players must confirm the results with a checkmark reaction. =results exampleTourney 2 1
=forceresults [tournament] [user1] [user2] [user1score] [user2score] Will forcefully set the results of a match =forceresults ToorneyTesting2 @testAlt#7592 @Marto_0#1978 2 0
=kick [user] Kicks a player from the tournament =kick @Marto_0#1978
=forcejoin [tournamentName] [user] Forcefully add a player to the tournament =forcejoin ToorneyTesting2 @Marto_0#1978
=giveadmin [user] Gives someone admin permissions to use Toorney =giveadmin @Marto_0#1978
=removeadmin [user] Removes admin permissions from someone who currently has them =removeadmin @Marto_0#1978
=adminlist Retrives the list of everyone who has been given admin permissions =adminlist
=adminrole [role] Sets the admin role. Users who have this role in the Discord server will have admin permissions for Toorney =adminrole @Moderator
=adminrole 583241872034496534
=start [tournamentName] Starts the tournament
Players will no longer be able to join and matches will start
=start exampleTourney
=shuffle [tournamentName] Shuffles all players in the tournament into randomized seeds
This is recommended before starting a tournament
=shuffle exampleTourney
=delete [tournamentName] Deletes a tournament. WARNING: This also deletes the whole match history from Challonge! =delete exampleTourney
=tournament [tournamentName] extendlimit [user | all] [days] Extends the limit of when a player(s) has to finish their match =tournament exampleTourney extendlimit @Marto_0#1978 5
=tournament exampleTourney extendlimit all 3
=tournament [tournamentName] reactmessage [messageID] Bind a reaction to a message which will allow users to join when clicked =tournament exampleTourney reactmessage 235452157166485505
=tournament [tournamentName] description [description] Sets the description for the tournament. This is also displayed on your personal tournament page on the Toorney website =tournament exampleTourney description Season 5 of Toorney tournaments. Region is EU. Have fun!
=tournament [tournamentName] forcejoinonly [true|false] Disables users from joining with the join command. Users instead must be forcejoined by an admin =tournament exampleTourney forcejoinonly true
=tournament [tournamentName] teams [true|false] Changes the format for the tournament from solo to teams =tournament exampleTourney teams true
=tournament [tournamentName] autorole [role] Automatically gives a role to players who join the tournament =tournament exampleTourney autorole @TournamentContestor
=tournament [tournamentName] update [what] [to] Changes values straight from the database.
=tournament exampleTourney update status closed
=tournament exampleTourney update roundMaxTime 14
=bindchallonge Bind your Challonge account allowing you to host tournaments from your own account =bindchallonge